• We will drive for about 30 minutes towards the town of Chianciano Terme. Along the way we will stop in an incredible spot where most of the postcards picture of Tuscany have been created , we will have a food break and subsequentaly stop in Chianciano where we will take a short walk to explore this fascinating Tuscany Thermal Town.
  • We'll access the beautiful Terme Sensoriali ( Sensory Spa ) found within the Acqua Santa spa park, is a structure based on naturopathy criteria, located in the enchanting Tuscan countryside.
  • In your three and a half hours at the Terme sensoriali, you may follow different packages, ordering the twenty rooms which they encounter to achieve a specific result, cleansing, energising, restoring. In these rooms you will encounter: pyramid power, the melmarium (mud room), ice crash, pools with hydromassage, one with salt water, two saunas, Turkish bath, multi­sensory showers, the Acqua Santa spring, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, musictherapy, the Kneipp package and the inner silence room.
  • Than we will access the spectacular and modern Terme Theia “The Bath Of The Etruscan”. Theia, "she who shines far", was the mother of Selene in Etruscan mythology and the brand new spa pools, four outdoor and three indoor. Rich in carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, bicarbonate and sulphates, which give it its typical opaqueness, the waters offer an antiinflammatory action on the muscular, skeletal system and are nourishing for the skin.


Time: 6 Hours

Cost: $250.00 per person

6 person maximum

Parties of 7 or more can be accommodated upon request