Welcome to our unique and unmatched wine tour.....

We have created this tour to satisfied the two best wines we have in Tuscany ...Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti. We have selected two family owned wineries that still make the wine from passion that the big commercial and turistic wineries can't offer...

  • We'll drive to little town of Montalcino where through a secret scenic route we'll arrive at a unique family owned winery where a wonderful Brunello is produced..... the owner will teach everything there is to know about this high class wine and we'll taste the wine in a high ground setting enjoiyng the tuscany forest
  • We'll than drive towards Montepulciano stopping at the wonderful little town of Pienza to walk in this spectacular Renaissance Masterpiece. Here we'll show you the town but also the stores where the famous Pecorino cheese is made and the secret Gelato where we go!!!!!
  • Than short drive to our second winery... this is a treat where the family owners are such wonderful wine makers of chianti and we'll leran about there history and wines and we'll seat down for a great Tuscany original meal while enjoyng atuscany stories and beautiful views..


Time: 8 hours

Cost: $600.00 per 2 people

3 to 6 people $ 250.00 per person

Parties of 7 or more can be accommodated upon request