Siena is not only one of the most fascinating towns in Tuscany but is also in a particularly beautiful position, with lovely environments.

  • This tour will take you in the historical centre of Siena, surrounded by its medieval walls.
  • We, will walk along the main street called Banchi di Sopra, which was part of the old route via Francigena, the main communication road linking Northern Europe to Rome.
  • You will visit the impressive Duomo and its masterpieces inside.
  • We'll spend some magic time at the shell-shaped "Piazza del Campo", the most beautiful square in the world. Exactly there the Palio horse race takes place twice a year. This is a competition among the 17 "contrade" (districts) into which the city is divided. Here we can walk up to the “ Torre Del Mangia” and enjoy breathtaking views of the all town and surroundings.
  • We will also visit San Domenico Basilica, full of works of art.
  • Than we'll do some shopping along the main road where many wonderful stores are located....


Time: 4 Hours

Cost : $ 400.00 per 2 people

3 to 6 people $ 150.00 per person

Parties of 7 or more can be accommodated upon request